Riverside Christian Church


Our children’s work consists of 3 age related groups.

Riverside Rigglers.

The Rigglers are for pre school children, usually up to the age of 4 years old.

We want children to love coming to Church, and Riverside Rigglers provides a safe, secure, loving environment where toddlers learn about God and His love, at their level of understanding.

We aren’t just babysitters, but the children learn by “doing”, allowing them to engage in developmentally appropriate, hands-on learning activities that correlate to a Bible story.

All parents are asked to serve on a parent rota on a regular basis, as this helps our leaders and it also helps parents gain a better understanding of how and what their child is learning.

Glow Kids.

The Glow Kids is for children at primary school, usually from the age of 5 years old until 11 years old.

We actively encourage the kids to engage with God, introducing them to the Holy Spirit, teaching them to pray and to hear from God.

Worship is very much part of their experience, teaching them how important it is to worship our Creator.

We believe in the ongoing gifts of the Holy Spirit, and we believe that God uses all people, including children, and would teach them and encourage them to move in their gifting in a gentle, safe environment.

Glow Youth.

The Glow Youth is for teenagers of high school age.

Please check back to see what we are doing.