Riverside Christian Church
John & Irene Coppard

John & Irene Coppard

John & Irene both became Christians in November 1986, and were baptised in water in February 1987, then baptised in the Holy Spirit a short time after that.

Both of them have sought to follow the Lord Jesus from that time until the present day.

John was part of the leadership team, along with Mike Sandison, seeking to serve Jesus under the Pastorship of Myron Paterson.

John and Irene were set in as Pastors of the Riverside Christian Church in 2010, following on from our founding Pastors, Myron & Margaret Paterson.

They have been members, then leaders for many years before answering the call to pastor the Church.

They were both involved in running their own business for over 30 years in the telecommunication and security industries, and for many of those years, were part of Vodafone’s installation of equipment in vehicles all over Scotland.


Their heart has always been for people who need the Lord, and Irene was used in street work, sharing the love of God with people, especially in Buckie, Keith and Elgin.

She would be empathetic with people who are hurting, having received a word from God that she would have a ‘kitchen table’ ministry, listening and offering advice when required.

Following on from Margaret Paterson, she isn’t one to be up-front as regards ministry in the Church, but is instrumental in organizing and helping in the background, and was also part of the finance department of the Church for many years.


John has a real heart for people on the fringes of society, particularly for people with addictions, and has been instrumental, along with others, in acquiring our Big Green Bus.

He is also very much a local Church man, believing that the Church is the vehicle which God uses to bring His kingdom into the earth.

John loves to see people reach their full potential in God, seeking to enable them, as far as possible.

He is also an active member of the Buckie Fraternal, where the local Ministers, Pastors and leaders come together regularly to administer Church activity in the area.

In 2016, he became the Chaplain to Buckie Thistle Football Club, the local team that plays in the Highland League, and seeks to serve them in any way he can.


You can contact them directly as follows:-


House Telephone Number:                  01542 839829

John's Mobile Number:                          07971 685911


John's Church Email:                               john@riversidechristianchurch.co.uk

Irene's Church Email:                              irene@riversidechristianchurch.co.uk


John's Twitter:                                           @John_Coppard