Riverside Christian Church
Mike & Linda Sandison

Mike & Linda Sandison

Mike and Linda were both born and brought up in Aberdeen, and met initially, as children, at Sunday School, and since then, they have been active members of their Church as they grew up.

They married in 1976 and lived in Aberdeen and then Cruden Bay until Mike joined the Fishermen’s Mission, a Christian charity in which he has served for 30 years in Grimsby, Shetland, Aberdeen, and now from home, covering Portsoy to Nairn.

Linda works part-time as a locum pharmacist, mostly within the local area.

They both help to look after their grandsons regularly.


Mike served as a leader under Myron Paterson's pastorship, and both Mike & Linda were set in as leaders in the Riverside, along with John & Irene Coppard in 2011.

Linda also serves as Worship leader as well as being part of the small Soup and Sweet kitchen team, and she also oversees Daughters of Sarah, and joins in the weekly prayer group.

Mike juggles work commitments with rotational preaching on Sundays, officiating at communion, prayer group, Band of Brothers and occasional soup making, as well as being the cheerful Sunday morning taxi service for several less able members.

They are keen to help wherever and whenever they are needed.


Family is a very important concept for them, both their natural family, and their Church one at Riverside, always wanting to be active in encouraging the caring and supporting of each other, and working together in all situations.

Always, their aim would be to glorify God and to live and tell the good news of His amazing love for us.


You can contact them directly as follows:-


 Mike's Mobile Number:                         07729 384008

Linda's Mobile Number:                         07711 758283


Mike's Church Email:                               mike@riversidechristianchurch.co.uk

Linda's Church Email:                              linda@riversidechristianchurch.co.uk